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Straight Edge Roofing, based in Merced County, CA, provides exceptional roofing services for residential and commercial properties. Our experienced team specializes in various roofing solutions, including tile roof maintenance, roof repairs, and roof inspections. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Straight Edge Roofing delivers durable and reliable roofing solutions that enhance the longevity and aesthetics of your property.
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Comprehensive Solutions For Your Roof

Commercial Roof Maintenance

As a proactive building owner, safeguarding your property and its occupants requires regular attention to the roof. Neglected debris or clogged drains can lead to costly damage and compromised building integrity. Don’t wait for problems to arise – invest in professional roof maintenance.

Why Us?

We offer flexible options to meet your needs. Choose between a one-time maintenance service or schedule regular inspections in the spring and fall. Our experts are equipped to assess your roof’s condition and provide a per square foot estimate for yearly maintenance.


Benefit from a comprehensive approach to roof care. Our services include gutter and chimney cleaning, overall roof inspections, repairing cracked flashings, and installing rubber collars for added protection. By addressing potential issues before they escalate, you can avoid expensive repairs and prevent mold growth inside your property.

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Sealant Solutions for Lasting Performance

For caulking repairs, we utilize DuraLink 35 – a high-performance, moisture-cure elastomeric sealant. This versatile product adheres to various surfaces, including Kynar 500® PVDF and anodized metals, providing long-lasting protection. With its exceptional flexibility and SWRI validation for ± 35% joint movement, DuraLink 35 ensures durability and peace of mind.

Tile Roof Maintenance

Even the most durable cement tile roofs require periodic maintenance to ensure their longevity. Clearing debris from gutters, disassembling tile valleys to remove accumulated buildup, and cleaning flashings and chimney areas are all part of proper tile roof maintenance. By investing in regular care, you can enjoy many years of reliable service from your tile roof.

tile roof maintenance in Merced County, CA


In today’s real estate landscape, ensuring the quality of your home extends to its roof is crucial for attracting buyers and securing a smooth sale. Traditional notions of overlooking structural issues in a seller’s market are a thing of the past. Homeowners and lenders now prioritize transparency and full disclosure of a property’s condition.

How a Roof Certification Can Help Sell Your Home

Distinct from a standard home inspection, a roof certification involves a specialized assessment by roofing experts. This comprehensive inspection covers critical elements such as the structural integrity of the building, condition of roofing materials, drainage systems, and integrity of various components like flashings and vents.

Upon completion of the inspection, if no repairs are needed, the roofing company will provide an estimate of the roof’s remaining life and issue a certification valid for two to five years. This certification serves as a valuable assurance for both buyers and lenders regarding the roof’s condition.

Should repairs be necessary, the roofing company will address these issues before issuing the final roof certification, ensuring your home is market-ready with a seal of quality.

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